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Please Help: which itr form applicable

Posted Date : 26-Jun-2013 , 02:00:51 pm | Posted By: Manoj Kumar

Category : Income Tax | Answers : 2| Comments : 2| Hits: 223

A society registered under the societies registration act 1860. For that society which ITR form applicable to filling the return in A/Y year 2010-11

   Answer by: Vikky Kumar Jha
ITR-5 Form This Form can be used a person being a firm, AOP, BOI, artificial juridical person referred to in section 2(31) (vii), cooperative society and local authority. However, a person who is required to file the return of income under section 139(4) (a) or 139(4) (a) or 139(4) (b) or 139(4) (c) or 139(4) (d) shall not use this form
   Answer by: Vikash Kumar Jha
for more details visit following link http://www.casansaar.com/articles-detail/Which-is-your-ITR-/2075.html
Posted By : CA Mayank Jindal 27-Jun-2013, 12:55:42
Posted By : Vikash Kumar Jha 26-Jun-2013, 02:12:13
If registered under section12A/12AA,then Form ITR-7 otherwise ITR-5

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