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Articles Category : General
Posted Date : 23-Jan-2024 , 12:35:01 pm | Posted By Rohan Mehta

As a registered valuer entrepreneurs often ask’s us, what is the value of my Business ? There is no right answer to this question as valuation is a very subjective thing. I will value a flat near my office higher as compared to someone whose office is far from that flat or a person will val...

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How to get APEDA registration Certificate
Posted Date : 23-Jul-2023 , 06:16:34 pm | Posted By NIKITA AGARWAL

APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) registration in India is an essential requirement for businesses engaged in the export of agricultural and processed food products. APEDA plays a crucial role in promoting the export of these products and ensuring their qu...

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How to Get FSSAI Certificate
Posted Date : 16-Jul-2023 , 07:50:39 pm | Posted By NIKITA AGARWAL

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration is mandatory for any business involved in the food industry in India. The registration process involves several steps and requires specific documents to be submitted. Here is a detailed analysis of how to do FSSAI registration in Indi...

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Addressing a career gap in your CV can be challenging- Here are the some ways by which you can address it
Posted Date : 12-Jul-2023 , 10:51:18 am | Posted By NIKITA AGARWAL

A lacuna in your employment history within your curriculum vitae can have potential drawbacks on your job hunt and career opportunities. Addressing a career gap in your CV can be challenging, but there are several unique ways you can handle it. Here are some approaches you can consider: Address t...

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3 Benefits of Foreign Company Registration in India
Posted Date : 27-Apr-2023 , 11:53:22 am | Posted By Ishita Ramani

Introduction  India is widely recognized as one of the prominent players in the global economy. Despite being a developing nation, India's economy has a significant impact on world trade. The majority of the most developed countries worldwide are eager to establish or strengthen their ties wit...

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Canada PR - Canada Invites Record immigrants in March 2023 | Latest Express Entry Draw for Canada PR
Posted Date : 15-Apr-2023 , 09:55:15 am | Posted By CA.Khurana Vivek

Canada PR - Canada Invites Record immigrants in March 2023 | Latest Express Entry Draw for Canada PR. Latest Express Entry Draw on 12th April 2023 This draw follows three consecutive Express Entry draws in which 7,000 candidates were invited. March was an unprecedented month in Express Entry&rsqu...

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Forms of Business Existing in India and Which one to choose? – Simplified
Posted Date : 21-Oct-2021 , 06:33:12 pm | Posted By CA Akhil Kumar

Before we all start a profit-oriented business, we have a query which form of business you should go with? Since there are lot of options we get confused like Proprietorship, Partnership firm, LLP, One Person Company, Private Limited and Public Limited Companies. We have simplified the major forms ...

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Posted Date : 04-May-2020 , 04:25:54 pm | Posted By CA Sandeeprawat

MSME REGISTRATION –BENEFIT To All Enterprise   The registration has no statutory basis. Enterprise would normally get registered to avail some benefits, incentives or support given either by the central or state govt. benefit available under MSMED Act. Registration of micro, small and med...

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Importance of IPR in india
Posted Date : 28-Feb-2020 , 02:21:44 pm | Posted By Mamta Kumari

What Is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property is a general term for the set of intangible assets owned and legally protected by a company from outside use or implementation without consent. Stemming from its ability to provide a firm with competitive advantages, defining IP as an asset aims ...

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Posted Date : 18-Oct-2019 , 11:08:29 am | Posted By CA. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Niti Aayog Registration The government of India has started automation in nearly all fields and now wants to maintain an online database of all Registration Process. With this aim, now the Government of India has made it mandatory for all NGO/ Society/ Trust, who wants to avail any Government grant...

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Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
Posted Date : 07-Dec-2018 , 01:12:30 pm | Posted By CA Uttam Gupta

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016     The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 is an Act of the Parliament of India which seeks to protect home-buyers as well as help boost investments in the real estate industry. The Act establishes Real Est...

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Opportunities for Professionals to act as Insolvency Professional & Registered Valuer.
Posted Date : 12-Jul-2018 , 10:36:16 pm | Posted By CA.Khurana Vivek

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India was established on 1st October, 2016 under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Code).    It has also been designated as the ‘Authority’ under the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation Rules), 2017 for regulation and d...

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Posted Date : 18-Sep-2017 , 12:05:50 pm | Posted By Mamta Kumari

BRIEF SUMMARY Foreign companies planning to set up their business operations in India need to start a liaison office. The main purpose of starting a liaison office is to explore possible business opportunities in India by gathering relevant business information. This helps the companies to develop a...

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RERA Compliances
Posted Date : 05-Sep-2017 , 07:51:03 pm | Posted By CA Mitesh Rathore

Real Estate under RERA Regime. After 4 months of implementation of RERA, Builders and Developers are in dilemma of legal compliances relating to RERA. THE REAL ESTATE (REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT) ACT, 2016 has altered the Real Estate Business altogether and it is a big challenge for professional to ...

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India.. Awaiting for its Achhe Din!!
Posted Date : 02-Sep-2017 , 03:34:25 pm | Posted By Sahil Sethi

Achhe din are about to come!!! The Indian public voted for BJP in 2014 or in other words there was Modi wave that led to the victory of BJP in central elections.. With Modiji's modified government the era of reforms initiated in the State of our country.. The Jan Dhan Yojana with the moto of Sabka s...

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Issues in Real Estate Sector and Real Estate Act
Posted Date : 05-Apr-2017 , 06:04:12 pm | Posted By Bijay

The Real Estate sector in India is one of the largest contributors to the GDP of India (around 6% of Indian GDP) and also one of the top job creators. This sector has seen growing pace with liberalization of the economy since 1991 and after the Government’s policy to allow 100% Foreign Direct ...

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Textile Industry Benefits in Rajasthan Inv. Promotion Scheme, 2014.
Posted Date : 17-Dec-2016 , 07:01:34 pm | Posted By Ankur Kumar Gupta

“Investment” or “Eligible Fixed Capital Investment (EFCI)”means investment made by an enterprise in fixed assets, in the following, up to the date of commencement of commercial production: (a) price paid for the land; (b) cost of new factory sheds and other new industrial...

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Posted Date : 02-Oct-2016 , 12:02:53 pm | Posted By RATHI

MARATHON – A  PERSPECTIVE I have been a regular runner and I keep on participating in various Marathons that are organized in the Pune City, apart from the the one in Mumbai, i.e. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – a Marathon best known for its’ organization and sheer number...

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Posted Date : 18-Sep-2016 , 02:19:04 pm | Posted By Ca Dilip Lohiya

Package Scheme of incentives (PSI-2013 In order to encourage the dispersal of industries to lesser developed area of the Maharashtra state, the govt. has been giving package of incentives to new industrial unit/ expansion since 1964 Unit set up in the developing regions of the state in under scheme...

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Process for Incorporation of LLP
Posted Date : 28-Apr-2016 , 04:21:51 pm | Posted By Tanay Jindal

Process for Incorporating Limited Liability Partnership Following are the steps involved for incorporating LLP   Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) by e-filling form DIN-3 or if the person already have Director Identification Number then no need of DIN Acquire DSC and Register...

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