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Articles Category : General
Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
Posted Date : 07-Dec-2018 , 01:12:30 pm | Posted By CA Uttam Gupta

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016     The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 is an Act of the Parliament of India which seeks to protect home-buyers as well as help boost investments in the real estate industry. The Act establishes Real ...

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Opportunities for Professionals to act as Insolvency Professional & Registered Valuer.
Posted Date : 12-Jul-2018 , 10:36:16 pm | Posted By CA.Khurana Vivek

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India was established on 1st October, 2016 under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (Code).    It has also been designated as the ‘Authority’ under the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation Rules), 2017 for regulation and d...

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Posted Date : 18-Sep-2017 , 12:05:50 pm | Posted By Mamta Kumari

BRIEF SUMMARY Foreign companies planning to set up their business operations in India need to start a liaison office. The main purpose of starting a liaison office is to explore possible business opportunities in India by gathering relevant business information. This helps the companies to develop ...

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RERA Compliances
Posted Date : 05-Sep-2017 , 07:51:03 pm | Posted By CA Mitesh Rathore

Real Estate under RERA Regime. After 4 months of implementation of RERA, Builders and Developers are in dilemma of legal compliances relating to RERA. THE REAL ESTATE (REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT) ACT, 2016 has altered the Real Estate Business altogether and it is a big challenge for professional to...

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India.. Awaiting for its Achhe Din!!
Posted Date : 02-Sep-2017 , 03:34:25 pm | Posted By Sahil Sethi

Achhe din are about to come!!! The Indian public voted for BJP in 2014 or in other words there was Modi wave that led to the victory of BJP in central elections.. With Modiji's modified government the era of reforms initiated in the State of our country.. The Jan Dhan Yojana with the moto of Sab...

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Issues in Real Estate Sector and Real Estate Act
Posted Date : 05-Apr-2017 , 06:04:12 pm | Posted By Bijay

The Real Estate sector in India is one of the largest contributors to the GDP of India (around 6% of Indian GDP) and also one of the top job creators. This sector has seen growing pace with liberalization of the economy since 1991 and after the Government’s policy to allow 100% Foreign Direct ...

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Textile Industry Benefits in Rajasthan Inv. Promotion Scheme, 2014.
Posted Date : 17-Dec-2016 , 07:01:34 pm | Posted By Ankur Kumar Gupta

“Investment” or “Eligible Fixed Capital Investment (EFCI)”means investment made by an enterprise in fixed assets, in the following, up to the date of commencement of commercial production: (a) price paid for the land; (b) cost of new factory sheds and other new industrial...

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Posted Date : 02-Oct-2016 , 12:02:53 pm | Posted By RATHI

MARATHON – A  PERSPECTIVE I have been a regular runner and I keep on participating in various Marathons that are organized in the Pune City, apart from the the one in Mumbai, i.e. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – a Marathon best known for its’ organization and sheer numbe...

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Posted Date : 18-Sep-2016 , 02:19:04 pm | Posted By Ca Dilip Lohiya

Package Scheme of incentives (PSI-2013 In order to encourage the dispersal of industries to lesser developed area of the Maharashtra state, the govt. has been giving package of incentives to new industrial unit/ expansion since 1964 Unit set up in the developing regions of the state in under scheme...

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Process for Incorporation of LLP
Posted Date : 28-Apr-2016 , 04:21:51 pm | Posted By Tanay Jindal

Process for Incorporating Limited Liability Partnership Following are the steps involved for incorporating LLP   Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) by e-filling form DIN-3 or if the person already have Director Identification Number then no need of DIN Acquire DSC and Register...

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Accountants as Surveyors & Loss Assessors
Posted Date : 17-Apr-2016 , 09:40:06 am | Posted By Shiba Prasad Padhi

CMA Shiba Prasad Padhi, AIIISLA, FIII, FCMA Practicing Cost Accountant and Licensed SLA   Declaration: The Article written is original and in individual capacity. Source of Data: IRDA Website   Accountants as Surveyors & Loss Assessors   Sec. 64UM of the Insurance Act, 193...

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How to increase authorized capital of company
Posted Date : 29-Mar-2016 , 03:54:15 pm | Posted By Monetic$123

What is the most important attribute for enterprises and businesses serving on different verticals? What is the prime source for measuring the growth and development of the company? The answer is one and only the capital of company. Read this article which exclusively focuses on the subject - pertai...

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WAGES UNDER ESIC ACT_Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)
Posted Date : 01-Feb-2016 , 12:11:53 pm | Posted By Meetesh Shiroya

WAGES UNDER ESIC ACT :- WASHING ALLOWANCE: It is a sum paid to defray special expenses entailed by the nature of employment and as such this amount does not amount to wages. (In lieu of old instructions issued vide Memo No.Ins.III/2/1/65 dt. 8.2.1967) SUSPENSION ALLOWANCE/SUBSISTENCE ...

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How to crack that interview and get the coveted job
Posted Date : 13-Dec-2015 , 10:38:20 pm | Posted By Anurag Singal

Step 0: Understand the company that is hiring as well as interviewer: Most companies do a ‘pre-placement talk” (in case of campus placements) and when you get the opportunity to ask questions, dont simply ask questions about the company or the job. You should know those things as w...

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Trade Mark Registration Process In India
Posted Date : 22-Sep-2015 , 02:31:25 pm | Posted By Mahender Gupta

Once a trademark application is filed (Fee- Rs. 4000), it is examined as to its registrability which includes deceptiveness, distinctiveness etc. and availability based on the existence of prior trademarks registered or pending applications. If there are any objections to the registration, an examin...

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Saying SORRY Is Difficult. But Once Said, It Does Make You Feel Awesome!!
Posted Date : 10-Jul-2015 , 12:57:04 pm | Posted By Nimish Goel

This article is very special as it doesn’t relate to any career guidance or mentoring I generally do through my blog. This article is inspired from a real life incident that happened with me couple of weeks back when I acted in a way I shouldn’t have and later how I made it good by a sim...

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Greek Crisis and Impact on Indian Economy
Posted Date : 05-Jul-2015 , 11:31:42 am | Posted By Rohit Kapoor

What’s going On with Greece and its Economy? Greece is a country gripped by huge money problems and now the banks there are closed for the week. But how have things got this bad? Over the last 10 years, Greece borrowed lots of money from European banks and from other countries' gover...

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Proud to Be Chartered Accountant,
Posted Date : 13-Jun-2015 , 11:46:23 am | Posted By Rohit Kumar

5 Statements by Celebrities that will make you Proud of Doing CA. As we said in past ”CA bas naam hi kaafi h”. This time we will going to prove why this course is prestigious one. . 1. Rahul Dravid:- You know what, The Wall has decided to do CA and after opening the first book lo...

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All about Joint Ventures
Posted Date : 09-May-2015 , 11:22:36 am | Posted By CA Kapil Goel

A Joint venture is an arrangement in which 2 or more individuals /companies / partnership firms /corporations/legal entities come together to undertake an economic or research activity by entering into an agreement. The parties agree to create a new entity by contributing capital and share income, e...

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Reason why Wealth Tax is abolished
Posted Date : 01-May-2015 , 11:13:38 pm | Posted By Keshav Kumar KC

Respected Senior, collegues and Dear Junoir, i am back again with my new articels regarding the Wealth Tax and reason behind abolishing it.    Reason why Wealth Tax Act 1957 is abolished    Back Ground   Wealth Tax act is an act of Parliament of India which provides fo...

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Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, 2015 passed in Lok Sabha
Posted Date : 11-Mar-2015 , 10:33:54 am | Posted By CA GOURAV MURARKA

The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, 2015 by Voice Vote. Here are the six important facts you need to know:   (1) The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Bill, 2015 seeks to Amend the Ac...

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Important Computer Extensions
Posted Date : 30-Jan-2015 , 06:24:41 pm | Posted By Jatin Kumar

Important Computer Extensions Text Files .log: Log File .wpd: WordPerfect Document .odt: OpenDocument Text Document .pages: Pages Document .doc: Microsoft Word Document .docx: Microsoft Word Open XML Document .tex: LaTeX Source Document .wps: Microsoft Works Word Processor Docum...

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Highlights of BARACK OBAMA's INDIA Visit
Posted Date : 29-Jan-2015 , 03:32:01 pm | Posted By Jatin Kumar

Barack Obama's India Visit Barack Obama visited India from 25-27 January 2015. Highlights of the Visit Modi and Obama pledged to translate their commitment of "Chalein Saath Saath”: "Forward Together We Go" into action through "Sanjha Prayaas; Sab Ka Vikaas": "Shared Effort; Progress For Al...

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CAATs : An Innovative for CAs to go Technological
Posted Date : 08-Jan-2015 , 01:36:27 pm | Posted By Anmol Goyal

Computers have invaded every sphere of life to such an extent that it is said even criminals need IT skills. Undeniably, in a world of exponentially increasing information, people lack the speed and accuracy of a computer's complex data processing capabilities. Regardless of their speed and capabili...

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Happy Dipawali
Posted Date : 21-Oct-2014 , 04:34:30 pm | Posted By CA Afzal Hussain

I congratulate you all on your success on this auspicious occasion and wish you all a "Very Happy Deepawali. <a href="http://www.shopfifa15.co.uk/">Shop FIFA 15</a> <a href="http://www.fifavipcoins.com/">fifa coins 15</a><a href="http://www.ffcoins.co.uk/">buy fi...

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सफलता और सपने चाहिए या खोखले बहाने?
Posted Date : 24-Sep-2014 , 02:12:25 pm | Posted By Vimmi

1- मुझे उचित शिक्षा लेने का अवसर नही मिला... उचित शिक्ष...

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What Lenders Look On Your Credit Report
Posted Date : 04-Aug-2014 , 04:44:58 pm | Posted By Nimisha

What Lenders Look At On Your Credit Report   What do lenders consider when they look at your credit report? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer, as there are no universal standards by which every lender judges potential borrowers. Of course, there are some items that will d...

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HAPPY CA'S DAY !!!! A Tribute to all Chartered Accountants!!!
Posted Date : 30-Jun-2014 , 08:59:33 pm | Posted By May I Help You.

AK-47 (Companies Act, 2013) ka samna Karta Hua "WO DEKHO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT JAA RAHA HAI"   Deadline ke bojh tale daba jaa raha hai, Vat, Service Tax, TDS Har mahine aa jaate hai, Time se na bharo toh Notices Aa jaate Hai Wo dekho ek Chartered Accountant ja raha hai,   Clients ko sam...

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13 Places You Should Visit In India Before You Visit Their Counterparts Abroad
Posted Date : 19-May-2014 , 08:44:36 am | Posted By May I Help You.

Indians are travelling like never before and going to countries all over the world. But a lot of us seem to forget that what we seek abroad, we can find as easily in our own country. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t travel abroad, but it does mean that one should travel within India ...

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Foreign Exchange Market
Posted Date : 30-Mar-2014 , 04:37:00 pm | Posted By Keshav Kumar KC

Foreign Exchange Market     Meaning The foreign exchange market (forex) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. The main participants in this market are the larger international banks. Financial centres around the world function as anchors of tradi...

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